ŠD Akademik


ŠD Akademik, Vazovova 1, 811 07 Bratislava

Phone - reception

+421 918 664 027

Public transport

Public transport schedule available at imhd.sk
Destinations: Blumentál or Povraznícka (destination depends on the type of public transport)

Distance from city centre

1,3 km, by public transport – 16 min

The nature of the accommodation

1, 2, 4-bed rooms with private bathroom

Number of beds

student accommodation capacity 0,  doctoral student accommodation capacity 88, employee accommodation capacity 30, guest rooms capacity 0

Services and amenities



Eva Lassuová

operations director

Mgr. Alena Culinková

accommodation for doctoral students

Elena Trochtová

employee accommodation

Summer accommodation

(tourist hostel in months July - August)

Ubytovanie nie je poskytované