ŠD Jura Hronca


Bernolákova 1, 811 07 Bratislava 1

Phone - reception

+421 918 664 030

Public transport

Public transport schedule available at imhd.sk
Destination: Krížna or Blumentál or Vazovova or Račianske mýto (destinantion depend on the type of public transport)

Distance from city centre

1,7 km, by public transport – 15 min

The nature of the accommodation

2-bed rooms with private bathroom facilities

Number of beds

student accommodation capacity 914,  employee accommodation capacity 14, guest rooms capacity 36

Services and amenities



Mgr. Ivan Klučka

operations director

Alexandra Sitiarová

head of operations department

Mgr. Alena Culinková

accommodation of students, doctoral students and employees

Elena Trochtová

accommodation of foreign students

Bc. Lucia Lassuová

accommodation of guests

Summer accommodation

(tourist hostel in months July - August)